Fight Memory Loss with Art

BBC released an article on a study from Newcastle University that looked a three forms of exercises to determine which one would be most beneficial for memory retention. The first group worked on puzzles like Sudoku for three hours a week, while the second group walked for three hours a week. The final group was asked to take an art class for three hours a week. What was the end result?

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Boost your Employee Morale with Art

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, art is known to have healing effects on the body and a positive psychological impact on the brain. Performing arts have been known to reduce blood pressure while improving focus and outlook on work and regular life. The stimulation of creativity and thoughtful observation can also help in problem solving for businesses. Still interested in what we have to say? Well, take a look at Fast Company’s 5 easy ways to boost employee moral through art. Follow the article here.

How to Be More Creative

“To some, creativity is an elusive muse who rarely graces us with her presence. To others, she’s a best friend who stops by all the time to play and hang out. Either way, you can cultivate creativity any time—even right now. While you may not become the next Jony Ive or Salvador Dalí, it is possible for anyone to become more creative than they already are and to practice creativity.” ~ Michael Cooper

Like most skills in life, being better at using your creativity takes practice. So check out these great pointers from Fast Company on how to be more creative. Find the article here.



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