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[squares_section title=”A Little About Us” subtitle=”” background=”transparent” color=”” image=””]Most people understand the importance of exercising their bodies regularly, however we often seem neglect our minds. Creativity, expression, and invention keeps the mind healthy and the soul hungry.

Our goal is to create a space that people treat as a sort of “fitness centre” for their creative minds. Over time we hope to create an active community of members who exchange ideas, work on projects, and create a nurturing environment for inner development. Similar to the way a hacker space allows for technologists to drop in and work on technology projects, Artless Hub will hopes to offer a similar type of space and community for both artists and technologists.

Plus, we’ll be hosting some pretty awesome events for our members. So please sign up to our newsletter so we can tell you about them.


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We’ll soon be opening our studio doors for members to come in and work on some art, jam some music, or just have a coffee and chat. Co-working spaces are popular for laptop junkies but we’re here to encourage you to put down your computer and pick up a paint brush.


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We’re currently in the process of putting together our workshops for you. Please sign up to our email newsletter below to keep in touch!

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[faktory_service icon=”spinner” url=”” title=”Problem Solving” subtitle=”More ah ha moments!” link=”” column=”faktory_one_fourth”] As children we used to come up with the craziest games and tell the most animated of stories, but along the way we forgot that side of us. We can help remind you of the joy of playing. If we spend more time exercising the parts of our brains responsible for intuition and imagination, we’ll quickly realize that we’re becoming better at coming up with creative solutions to our every day problems. How do you think we got started? [/faktory_service]

[faktory_service icon=”flower” url=”” title=”Community” subtitle=”I love you, you love me” link=”” column=”faktory_one_fourth”]When we enjoy hobbies we love to share it with others and immediately a community is formed. We work together, share ideas, and learn from one another. This sense of connection and understanding is a deeply rewarding experience that only makes the community stronger and makes us happier people. [/faktory_service]

[faktory_service icon=”heart” url=”” title=”Self Awareness” subtitle=”Know thyself” link=”” column=”faktory_one_fourth”]With practice, creative expression begins to draw out more and more of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Over time we become more aware of who we are and learn to put aside judgement of ourselves and of others. We learn our inner nature and are able to better express ourselves to the world. [/faktory_service]

[faktory_service icon=”yin-yang” url=”” title=”Stress Relief” subtitle=”Ooohmmmmmm” link=”” column=”faktory_one_fourth_last”] “Getting lost in yourself” is a phrase that’s we reserve for activities that promote positivity. It’s the one time being “lost” is encouraged. Art is that journey through the vastness of your imagination, leaving behind the daily stresses of life. The outcome is a more healthy and happy life. What else could be more important? [/faktory_service]


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A main part of what we’re trying to do is to create a vibrant community of people who want to take broader steps into exploring their creativity. We believe it is our duty to do what we can to ensure more people can live happier lives through personal expression. Also, the more chances we have to engage, collaborate, and learn from one another the harder it will be for you to cancel your membership!

That’s right, you’ll have to be a member to play and take part in some of our really fantastical events. Unfortunately we haven’t started taking in members at the moment so you’ll have to check back in the near future or sign up to our mailing list to be notified. Keep in touch!

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